3September, 2015

Let Call Recording Guide Your Customer Experience Strategy

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A strong customer experience is more critical than ever before, as consumer expectations have skyrocketed in light of digital advancement.

28August, 2015

Accelerate Decision-Making with Real-Time Analytics

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Here's a closer look at the power of real-time analytics and how to take full advantage of its potential.

25August, 2015

Record and Analyze to Maximize First Call Resolution

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First call resolution is the holy grail of call center performance, and the right call recording software can promote higher and more consistent rates.

24August, 2015

Identify and Capitalize on Upsell Opportunities

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Read these three ways in which call center leaders can harness the power of the upsell on a regular basis.

21August, 2015

How to Boost Quality Assurance in the Call Center

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Quality assurance is rooted in a commitment to improvement in every aspect of the call center.

20August, 2015

How Call Recording Strengthens Executive Decision-Making

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Call recording helps decision-makers to be more accountable for what happens in customer interactions, paving the way for smart investments.

13August, 2015

4 Essential Call Center Metrics

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Through the use of call recording technology and well-aligned metrics, optimization is well within reach.

24July, 2015

How to Increase Collections Revenue with Call Recording

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If a revenue collection agency keeps improvement aspects in mind, then it's very likely it will be able to increase collection rates, but only if an organization uses the correct set of tools, such as Replay Call Recording.

20July, 2015

Use Call Recording to Improve Marketing ROI and Customer Success

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Using Replay call recording from Trisys​, helps ensure that your company is getting the most ROI for various marketing campaigns.

15July, 2015

How to Improve Call Center Morale

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Since it's vital to improve the mood of call center environments, managers and supervisors should use all the tools in their arsenals to reach their goals.