2July, 2015

How can you better lead your Call Center?

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As a leader in a call center setting, you need to figure out how to lead your team so they not only satisfy their quotas, but so that they are satisfied and proud in their own work.

29June, 2015

Understanding US Call Recording Laws

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Not only is it important to adhere to state and national call recording laws for the sake of integrity of a given call center, but it's a matter of decency.

26June, 2015

Are you sure your call center is HIPAA compliant?

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Ensure that your call center is in fact HIPAA compliant, not only to protect the legitimacy of the call center but the privacy of the patients and clients with whom you do business.

15June, 2015

Call Accounting is a Necessity in the Hospitality Industry

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Along with specific permits and tax forms, those venturing into the hospitality industry need to have a proper call accounting system, such as Tality Call Accounting from Trisys.

12June, 2015

Call Recording as a Quality Assurance Solution

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Call recording not only ensures customers receive the best possible care, but it also gives call center members the tools to improve upon their own conduct.

26May, 2015

Optimize the Workforce and Increase Revenue

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Our call monitoring products are invaluable to guard against lost revenue, productivity, unnecessary telephone costs. Learn more about WFO and increasing your revenue.

19May, 2015

How Much Can Replay Call Recording Benefit Your Business?

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Your employees are a vital part of your overall success as a company. Wouldn't it be valuable, if not imperative, to know exactly how your brand is being delivered to your customers?

8May, 2015

Tapit NOVA ezBox Turnkey Call Accounting

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Tapit NOVA software and the ezBox turnkey are considered the most effective call accounting products on the market today. Additionally, they help business reduce overall expenses and run more efficiently.

27April, 2015

Affordable Options for Recording Telephone Calls

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Call Recording is no longer limited to only large businesses with deeper pockets; solutions have expanded to include operations & industries of any size.