Let Call Recording Guide Your Customer Experience Strategy

In terms of brand impact and longevity, a strong customer experience is more critical than ever before, as consumer expectations have skyrocketed in light of digital advancement and increased competition in all sectors.

In the call center the stakes are especially high, according to a Clarabridge blog which pointed to Deloitte research showing that 62 percent of customers view this channel as a competitive differentiator.

To deliver an optimal customer experience in the call center and across other key channels of communication, brand leaders and managers need to coordinate their efforts with tangible, real-time information. Here’s a look at how call recording software can provide this competitive edge.

Improve agent skill sets and schedules
While most agents come to the call center with a natural inclination for service and communication, there is a wide range of skills that can only be cultivated through continuous and targeted training. Focusing on this educational component of call center management is crucial in developing a stellar customer experience, especially as expectations rise to new heights.

“Get a better idea of how the brand is generating its leads.”

This is where call recording presents a major opportunity for ongoing development and refinement in agent skill sets, allowing managers to pinpoint exactly where representatives can improve on past performances. As consumer standards rise, so do the capabilities of the agents that deliver service and support, generating a powerful customer experience.

Streamline cross-channel transitions
The call center may be a go-to source of support for modern consumers, but as an article from Search Engine Journal contributor Zoe-Lee Skelton pointed out, there are many other channels through which brands must coordinate the customer experience.

She argued that with call recording technology, call center managers can develop a better idea of how the brand is generating its leads and which channels are making the biggest impact. This, in turn, can help create a strong experience for the consumer.

“Listening to and scoring calls allows you to take this vital insight one step further – by attributing the most qualified and strongest leads back to the marketing source,” explained Skelton. “By reviewing the best leads from your scored telephone calls, you will start to build up a picture of which channels are actually generating high-quality sales calls.”

Strengthen coordination with business
A brand should function as a well-oiled machine, with the call center as only one piece of the bigger puzzle. However, strong call recording and call accounting capabilities can lead to improvements in other areas of the business, as reports include many need-to-know data points about what customers expect. After all, the customer experience is a wide-ranging concept that covers all aspects of product quality, service and support.

Advanced call recording technology does not only bring huge benefits to the call center, but it also helps to empower other lines of business such as sales, marketing and product development. Brands that develop this comprehensive view of customer experience will be much more likely to succeed in this competitive era of commerce.

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