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It’s Time to Get Real About Your Call Center Needs.

Trisys is a leader in call recording and call accounting solutions. Now, we’re bringing you a real-time call center software, for ultimate performance management of call center agents and hunt groups!

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TapitRT call center management software provides real-time access to the status and metrics supervisors need to manage their agents, hunt groups, and call queues.

Supervisors can create customizable dashboard by selecting from a number of pre-defined key performance indicators (KPI), set thresholds and alarms to continuously monitor the “health” of their call center operations. They also can drill down any KPI alarm, status or metric to analyze the cause of exceeding the threshold and take timely corrective actions.

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View Activity of Hunt Groups, Agents, and Call Queues in Real-Time

Management can seamlessly view and understand all call activity. This includes, the number of callers in call queues, average wait time, the number of abandoned calls, and other relevant call queue and hunt group information are at supervisors’ disposal in real-time.

The status (i.e. “Available”, “On a call”, “Busy”, “Lunch”, “Offline”, etc.) of each agent is measured and visible as is the disposition (i.e. “First Call Resolution”) of each call along with the number of calls offered, average ring, talk and hold time.

  • Over 30 pre-defined metrics are provided
  • All live calls are visible at all times
  • Explore call events such as holds, transfers, abandoned on hold and more

TapitRT Let’s You Define KPI Alerts On Any Metric

KPI alerts warn supervisors when metrics are trending towards unacceptable values and send alarms when they exceed the established thresholds. KPI alerts can be defined for agents, hunt groups, call queues, or phone numbers on any appropriate metric.

There's Nothing You Can't Do With Our TapitRT Real-Time Call Call Center Management Solution!

Loaded with an essential metrics, premium reports, an intuitive dashboard and tons of awesome features!

See how you can start improve call center performance and agent activity, today!

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Analyze Agent and Hunt Group Performance with Detailed, Precise Reports and Charts

The simple, intuitive reporting interface has more than 30 standard reports, charts and graphs that show real-time and historical details about hunt groups, call queues, agents, calls, events, conferences and trunks.

  • View activity of specific agents
  • Compare performance between agents or hunt groups
  • Download reports as PDF, Word, or Excel or send via e-mail

Technical Specifications

Processor: Intel i3 Processor or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM minimum
Hard Drive: 120 GB (depending on the number of agents & supervisors)
OS: Windows Server – 2008 R2/2012 Standard or Enterprise
Desktop: Windows 7/10 Professional 32 and 64-bit
TapitRT can run on physical or virtual (VMWare or Hyper-V) hosts
If TapitRT is implemented in virtual environment using SIP interface, then a virtual switch should be configured to enable passing SIP traffic from the mirroring port onto a network switch.