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Collect data from up to 200 remote sites, depositing information into a centralized call repository.

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  • Record and analyze to maximize first call resolution

Record and Analyze to Maximize First Call Resolution

August 25, 2015|0 Comments

First call resolution is the holy grail of call center performance, and the right call recording software can promote higher and more consistent rates.

  • Identify and capitalize on upsell opportunities

Identify and Capitalize on Upsell Opportunities

August 24, 2015|0 Comments

Read these three ways in which call center leaders can harness the power of the upsell on a regular basis.

  • How to boost quality assurance in the call center

How to Boost Quality Assurance in the Call Center

August 21, 2015|0 Comments

Quality assurance is rooted in a commitment to improvement in every aspect of the call center.

  • How call recording strengthens executive decision-making

How Call Recording Strengthens Executive Decision-Making

August 20, 2015|0 Comments

Call recording helps decision-makers to be more accountable for what happens in customer interactions, paving the way for smart investments.

  • 4 essential call center metrics

4 Essential Call Center Metrics

August 13, 2015|0 Comments

Through the use of call recording technology and well-aligned metrics, optimization is well within reach.

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Hassle Free Call Recording.

A 360-degree view, 100% of the time.

When it comes to adhering to regulatory compliance standards, Replay Call Recording offers cradle-to-the-grave benefits. With options to record full time or on-demand and an easy to use archive facility, it’s simple to listen-in live or retrieve records to validate compliance activity, resolve verbal conflict and manage workforce efficiency.

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Our Call Accounting software will provide usable metrics that help inform business decisions and refine company processes.

Tapit NOVA Call Accounting on laptop and desktop

It increases productivity of employees while allowing you to better manage personnel and uncover additional revenue.

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Because Your Business Is Never Stagnant.

We understand your organization is always transforming, and your requisites won’t always be the same depending on what your’re trying to achieve.

That’s why our Call Recording and Call Accounting are efficient and flexible in helping address your needs, with the click of a button. Regardless how big or small your demands, Trisys solutions are here to evolve with your goals and success in mind.

And, Guess What?

You Can Upgrade Your Existing Call Accounting System!
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Loaded with awesome features, new navigation elements, advanced options, & much more! Learn about the differences between our legacy Call Accounting solution Tapit EX & our flagship system Tapit NOVA, and how these incredible new components can further strengthen your organization!

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