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Trisys Product Portfolio

For over 30 years, we’ve been the leader in call monitoring products, bringing SMB and Enterprise organizations easy-to-use, cost effective, business intelligence tools.

We enable organizations to generate productivity gains, realize savings, and increase return on investment. We offer a variety of solutions for both call recording and call accounting that are ideal for any industry. Additionlly, every Trisys product is scalable to evolve with your business needs.

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Real-Time Products

TapitRT is a real-time software specifically designed to track all call activity and events. With over 30 metrics, TapitRT is perfect for increasing customer service levels and employee productivity, reducing abandoned call rates, hold or queue times, and much more.

Call Recording Products

Our “cradle to grave” call recording helps companies with regulatory compliance, reduced liability, improved efficiency, and improved quality of service. Plus, all our Call Recording systems compatible with any telephone configuration!

Click here to continue reading about our Call Recording features and benefits in detail.

Call Accounting Products

Call Accounting is a necessary product in business call control for a number of reasons. It increases productivity of employees while allowing you to better manage personnel and uncover additional revenue. Our Call Accounting software will provide usable metrics that help inform business decisions and refine company processes.

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Supplementary Products

If you’re looking to boost your systems capabilities, we offer add-on utilities focused on boosting your system! Trisys supplementary modules expand system applications with functions to enhance the program for users. Plus, they seamlessly integrate with any Trisys product for ultimate call monitoring!

Legacy Products

Click here to view legacy products and related documentation of retired items.

Find information on upgrading to our current solutions such as TapitNOVA and TapitRT; or search the SMDR format database for manufacturer compatibility details.