Trisys Leading Call Recording & Call Accounting Products

Trisys provides you with easy-to-use, cost effective business intelligence tools. We enable organizations to generate productivity gains, realize savings, and increase return on investment. We offer a variety of solutions for both call recording and call accounting that are ideal for any industry. In addition, all Trisys solutions are scalable to evolve with your business needs.

Trisys Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls with flexibility and ease! Trisys Call Recording solutions integrate seamlessly with our Call Accounting solution Tapit NOVA, providing you with the same effortless search, access and storage of voice records. Our “cradle to the grave” reporting helps companies with regulatory compliance, reduced liability, improved efficiency, and improved quality of service.

Plus, all our Call Recording systems compatible with any telephone configuration!

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Replay VoIP is designed to work with SIP trunks or any IP telephone.
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Replay T1 is designed to record voice activity over T1 PRI/RBS trunks.
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Replay ATS is specifically designed to record calls over analog trunks or stations.
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Replay ST works with any telephone system and records directly to your PC with minimal hardware.
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Trisys Call Accounting

Call Accounting is a necessary product in business call control for a number of reasons. It increases productivity of employees while allowing you to better manage personnel and uncover additional revenue. Our Call Accounting software will provide usable metrics that help inform business decisions and refine company processes.

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Tapit NOVA is an innovative call accounting system that produces valuable reports from your company’s telephone activity. Tapit NOVA capabilities enable you to improve your organization and will help your company run more smoothly and increase revenue.
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Tapit NOVA ezBox is our turnkey Call Accounting solution with all of the same benefits as the Tapit NOVA system. The ezBox is all the hardware you need and is ready to run right out of the box.To Tapit NOVA ezBox
Tality is a flexible and highly customizable call accounting tool that will cost each of your calls based on criteria you define. Compatible with any Property Management System (PMS), Tality is ideal for the Hospitality and Service industry.To Tality

Trisys Supplemental Modules

If you’re looking to boost your systems capabilities, we offer supplementary utilities focused on boosting Tapit NOVA Call Accounting and Replay Call Recording. These add-on modules expand system applications with functions to enhance the program for users.

The Remote Manager is best for companies with two or more locations. It collects data from up to 200 remote sites, depositing information into a centralized call repository. Via Tapit NOVA, users can track, manage and analyze their call activity with ease.
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Trisys Legacy Products

Visit the product archive that lists Trisys retired products & find information on legacy products such as Tapit EX Call Accounting for Business.

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It is important to note that some formats go by the original manufacturer, i.e. AT&T instead of Lucent, and others may be listed under a switch that had the format first and our software will reference that format.
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