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Cloud-Based and Hosted Call Recording solutions are the next step in voice call recording technology evolution.

Trisys offers a complete set of hosted call recording solutions ready for fast deployment and simple off-premise management.

These solutions can be deployed in any scenario ranging from on-premise voice to hosted voice or combination of both.

Trisys expertise in call recording brings a wealth of benefits to any customer-facing operation, including ensured compliance and ease of managing records.

Here are some of the advantages that organizations can expect to enjoy:

Alignment with Call Recording Compliance Laws

Your business is obligated to meet industry regulations that pertain to call recording. Trisys will assist you with making sure that you are fully compliant with federal, state and municipal laws as well as special interest group standards. From PCI-DSS to HIPAA and SOX laws, Trisys has you covered.

We also ensure that your solution remains compliant with key regulations as they change and evolve over time. This lets you focus on your business while getting peace of mind with our cradle-to-the-grave compliance call recording solutions.

Seamless Telephony Vendor Integration

Every business has a distinct telecommunications profile, based on location, industry and operational needs. Trisys is capable of integration with any telecom strategy, and will work with your on-premise or hosted voice vendor to devise the optimal solution for your voice topology.


With many regulatory standards weighing on managers and organizations, security is essential. Every call recorded with Trisys solutions is encrypted and protected by granular multi-layer access, promoting compliance. This gives you unparalleled security and assurance when recording calls.

Built for Reliability

Downtime can be a burden on any business, which is why a reliable call recording solution is needed to remain operational at all times. Our Hosted Call Recording software ensures ongoing productivity and quality service. With Trisys, your business can carry on without interruption.

Implementation and Configuration

Time is money, and your business shouldn’t have to wait to experience the benefits of a quality call recording solution. Trisys delivers a comprehensive service on a much shorter timeline, delivering value faster than any conventional approach.

Capacity Planning

We take the guesswork out of capacity planning, working with you to determine the optimum size of call recording platform and space requirements based on your business needs. This will match your business with the best-performing and most cost-effective solution.

We also help you scale your solution based on your organization’s changing demands, helping you navigate an unpredictable business world with minimal hassle.

The Definitive Hosted Solution

Ultimate peace of mind is the true value of Hosted Call Recording Solutions from Trisys, and it is what your company needs and deserves.

Find out more about a hosted recording solutions and make the right move for your business.

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