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Remote Manager – Multi Site Call Monitoring

Managing multiple business branches with data collection from any location!

Collect call activity automatically from up to 100 remote locations under a single web interface, even when those locations are using different phone systems. View consolidated reports for the entire company or for specific individual sites.

Remote Manager is a supplemental solution, seamlessly integrated into Tapit Nova Call Accounting and Replay Call Recording products.

Easily validate compliance activity, accelerate productivity, and improve the customer experience across your entire organization.

Right At Your Fingertip.

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After hours operation, even when locations are closed Remote Manager keeps collecting data and allows you to schedule reporting and retrieve the information.

The Remote Manager module comes in six sizes to accommodate varying remote site needs:

1-3, 1-10, 1-30, 1-50, 1-70, and 1-100 sites.

(The host location is not counted as a site when selecting the remote polling module.)

Data is collected in different ways:

Your host computer automatically collects data from remote offices thus becoming a call repository for you organization. The available support for SMDR over IP alleviates the need for collection devices at the remote locations.

Reports are created in PDF, Excel or Word formats and can be saved to your hard drive, printed, viewed on the web, or e-mailed.

  • Automatic retrieval of remote information
  • Support for multiple types of phone systems
  • Unique database maintained for each remote site
  • Ability to utilize current network structure for call accounting data collection
  • 125+ report templates, all with customization options
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