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Trisys is breaking ground with Replay Call Recording!

Tightly integrated with Tapit NOVA, our flagship Call Accounting system, Replay Call Recording offers unparalleled ease of use in searching, finding, and managing records at a price affordable to any business.

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It’s important that you know what’s going on when it comes to employee use of your company’s telephones. We already know this, but do you? It’s the reason that we are the leader in telephone call recording software products. The Replay family of affordable Call Recording solutions by Trisys, is the ultimate cost effective, reliable, easy to configure and maintain call recording product suite for all your voice recording needs.

“Replay Call Recording solutions together with Tapit NOVA Call Accounting, is an invaluable tool for your business. Recording phone calls has never been easier!”

Replay can be used to record calls and then accessed through our Tapit NOVA Call Accounting software using password-protected remote access so that you can attain needed information securely.

Validate Compliance

Dispute Resolution & QA

Measure Performance & Activity

Identify Success

Revenue Generation

Departmental Billing/Reporting

Emergency Alerts

Reduce Costs

Workforce Optimization

Safety & Security


Manage Employee Productivity

Easy Compatibility

The Replay product suite delivers high quality digital recordings in practically every possible telephony configuration.

*NOTE: In compressed mode, Replay uses approximately 6 MB of hard disk space for each hour of recorded conversation. Therefore, adequate hard disk space has to be dedicated to store voice files created by Replay Boxes. If default options are accepted during installation Replay Server stores Replay Boxes voice files on the same computer it resides.


Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Browser Based Interface
  • Recordings can be played, downloaded or emailed as attachments
  • Works on switched or hub-based Ethernet networks​
  • Advanced role-based security
  • Optional encryption of recordings
  • Very flexible “recording” filter​
  • Tracks Ring Time, On-Hold Times, Abandoned Calls And Many More
  • Call recordings are saved as .WAV files
  • Built-in easy auto-archive and auto-backup functionality for recordings
  • Flexible storage for recordings (local/network drive or NAN/SAN)
  • Supports Client Account and Matter Codes
  • Ability to pause and restart recording during conversations
  • Text notes may be added during playback of recordings, allowing alternative search capabilities by entire or partial words
  • Automated cataloging and centralized voice repository
  • Automated archiving and deleting of recordings
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What Else? Great Support.

Our Learning Center is loaded with useful information and functional videos that allow users to swiftly and easily navigate through their new Trisys product. But that’s not all, when you buy Trisys you will also get the most amazing customer support around! Our Support Technicians & Account Executives are always available to assist you with any questions.

Multi-Site Capabilities

Whether your business has more than one location or it’s an entire district in need of a unified system, Trisys has a solution! Tapit NOVA Call Accounting with Remote Manager supports multiple locations allows generation of reports per location or a consolidated view per organization.

Check Out Remote Manager!

Effortless Retrieval: Custom Search Filters Have No Limits.

With the most comprehensive and flexible search facility in the industry, Tapit NOVA gives you limitless potential to customize search filters. Easily create unique filters using the tools we provide. Tapit NOVA makes producing desired reports and accessing call records, seamless.

Add searchable text, tags, or call filters to specific calls for simple categorization and quicker recovery.

Filter by Abandoned Calls on Tapit NOVA
View Activity by Department on Tapit NOVA
View Phone Statistics on Tapit NOVA

*If you are looking for product downloads, please visit our Support & Downloads page by clicking here.