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About Us – Trisys Inc.

Trisys first offered premier telephone call monitoring and workforce optimization products in 1984.

Since then, our product portfolio and features have evolved from a standard call monitoring tool to a full call reporting suite and all-purpose call history application. Our decades-long commitment to excellence has led us to receive nationwide industry awards and recognition. Our tens of thousands of loyal clients appreciate and depend on our products and reliability.

Why is call monitoring so important? For most businesses, telephone calls represent a major operating expense that is difficult to manage without increased visibility. Call monitoring provides the insight you need to guard against lost productivity, lost revenue, and high telephone costs. Not only can you keep an eye on non-business related calls, you can also identify areas for additional training and improvement. In addition, you can use our quantitative Call Accounting tools to set performance goals (time spent on a call, number of calls per day, etc.) as well as identify high performers and low performers. Call monitoring brings transparency into your business, allowing you endless possibilities for assessing and improving the way you operate.

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More than 50,000 facilities are already using our products, from “mom-and-pop” to Fortune 100 companies. We are in school systems and leading universities, insurance and banking, hospitals and government agencies, hotels and assisted living facilities, non-profits and retail, and many more. We want you to join our growing list of satisfied clients. You can be confident that we offer easy-to-use products and unparalleled customer support.

Our Guarantee

We are ready to find and implement the best Call Recording and Call Accounting Solutions for you! We will suggest the best options for your needs and show you how our services can help you address compliance, call center performance, security, and remote workforce supervision. We provide the tools you need to improve customer service, employee productivity, and positively impact your organization’s bottom line.

Our Company Mission

At Trisys, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional product that is backed with excellent customer service and technical support. We know that call recording and accountability products help lay a foundation for your day-to-day business operations as well as helping inform and drive high-level business decisions. For that reason, we seek to provide you with the solution that makes the most sense for you and continuously ensure it runs smoothly.

Our Logo

The Trisys logo displays triangles to represent the strength and stability of our business. The triangle is known as the strongest shape in nature, geometry, and engineering.  Just as a three-legged chair is the only kind that will not wobble, and the weight distribution properties of a triangle are used to construct a stable arch, Trisys implements solutions that are supported by three main pillars of customized implementation, exceptional products, and continuous service. It is no mistake that a triangle is at the core of our company’s model.

We continually seek to improve our product and service to make sure we are always bringing our customers access to the newest technology and the most efficient solutions. Trisys knows you want to succeed, and we want to help you.