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Tapit NOVA Call Accounting and Replay Call Recording is the leading choice for healthcare professionals looking to reduce potential liability and provide their patients with an excellent healthcare experience and an additional level of protection.

Improve Patient Experience

With the documentation and accounting of all telephone activity, healthcare professionals create an electronic paper trail helping to confirm calls between healthcare providers and patients.

Reduce Liability

Regulatory compliance imposed by various government bodies and special interest groups require organizations to adhere to stringent regulations. Documentation of telephone calls, conversations and business transactions is legally required by many businesses.

Cost Allocation

Departmental billing helps budget management and reduction of overheads with the ability to track calls by number, extension, department, and more. Identify telephone abuse and other miscellaneous expenses that could lead to high unnecessary costs.

Call Accounting

Tapit NOVA Call Accounting with Replay Call Recording solutions from Trisys provide hospital, healthcare professionals and administrative staff the tools they need to protect themselves and their patients. Tapit NOVA Call Accounting documents incoming and outgoing calls and offers a wide array of applications, from verifying long-distance calls to aiding in departmental billing and budgeting
  • Supervisors can use reports to determine peak activity hours enabling them to adjust tasks, scheduling and staffing for increased productivity of internal management.
  • Create an unlimited number of users with permission based access.
  • Automatically allocate bills/reports in Word, Excel or PDF formats via e-mail or printed.
Tapit NOVA on laptop and desktop
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Multi-Site Capabilities: Unified Solutions

With Trisys, you can integrate your entire telecommunications environment into a unified telemanagement system. Our supplementary tool, Remote Manager, enhances your systems capabilities and collects data from virtually any location!

Call Recording

Tapit NOVA on desktop
Replay Call Recording’s call encryption and watermarking features assist in adhering to regulations, liability reduction, quality assurance and dispute resolution. Additionally, the pause/record and record on-demand features deliver the means for compliance with HIPAA/MIPAA regulations.
  • Cradle-to-the-Grave features help protect your best interests
  • Replay Call Recording enhances features with voice documents to aid in disputes and ensure the highest level of quality and care.
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Learn More:

  • Validate Compliance Activity & Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution & Quality Assurance
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Safety & Security
Replay Call Recording
  • Increased Productivity
  • Identify Suspicious Activity & Numbers
  • Reduce Costs & Generate Revenue
  • Measure Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
Tapit NOVA Call Accounting
  • Optional Feature To Boost System Capabilities
  • Create A Unified Telemanagement System
  • Up to 200 Remote Locations
  • Consolidated Data Reporting
Remote Manager