Trisys Inc. for the Financial and Insurance Industry

In the world of finance and insurance, Call Recording and Call Accounting from Trisys ensures that organizations maintain best practices, increase efficiency and minimize loss.

Irrefutable Records

Create secure records of conversations, water marked and encrypted. Replay has the capability to record full time (AKA “always on”) or with a pause/ record or on-demand feature, to insure compliance to industry mandates.

Reduce Liability

Regulatory compliance imposed by various government bodies and special interest groups require organizations to adhere to stringent regulations. Documentation of telephone calls, conversations and business transactions is legally required by many businesses, including PCI/DSS, just one of many of these special interest groups.

Dispute Resolution & Quality Assurance

Improve service and relations between organizations and customers. Replay Call Recording and voice documentation ensures customers are being treated appropriately and given correct information, as required by the FDCPA and other compliance regulating organizations. Archived voice records can be easily retrieved and reviewed to combat disputes or address allegations as they occur
Finance and insurance professionals value the many benefits provided by Trisys Call Recording and Accounting software. With Replay Call Recording, employers are in compliance with any potential statutes imposed by governmental or industry bodies where certain types of conversations or certain type in designated industries require call recording. These voice documents (recordings) are required to be properly safeguarded and kept for a prolonged periods of time for rapid on-demand retrieval and audit. Documentation of these recordings often requires additional safeguard,s such as voice documentation watermarking, features provided by Replay Call Recording. Additional governance is also often imposed by the special interest groups, including PCI/DSS.

Multi-Site Capabilities: Unified Solutions

With Trisys, you can integrate your various offices telecommunications environment into a unified telemanagement system. Our supplementary tool, Remote Manager, enhances your systems capabilities and collects data from virtually any location!

Tapit NOVA on desktop
With Tapit NOVA Call Accounting, employers can catalog incoming and outgoing calls to easily allocate phone costs and departmental billing, deter telephone fraud or abuse and track productivity. Replay Call Recording monitors all calls with the option only record specific extensions, yet still ensure regulatory compliance, quality assurance, liability mitigation and dispute resolution. Both programs from Trisys package this data into a wide variety of easily accessible formats for a virtually limitless amount of valuable information.

Learn More:

  • Validate Compliance Activity & Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution & Quality Assurance
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Safety & Security
Replay Call Recording
  • Increased Productivity
  • Identify Suspicious Activity & Numbers
  • Reduce Costs & Generate Revenue
  • Measure Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
Tapit NOVA Call Accounting
  • Optional Feature To Boost System Capabilities
  • Create A Unified Telemanagement System
  • Up to 200 Remote Locations
  • Consolidated Data Reporting
Remote Manager