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Tality Call Accounting by Trisys Inc.

Tality is specifically designed for the Hospitality & Service Industry, allowing businesses to gain valuable insight to their company and its telephone related expenses. It’s the telemanagement software of choice for businesses such as assisted-living and nursing home facilities, cruise lines, resorts and spas, hotels, country clubs, and many more.

Tality offers a user-friendly system that has the ability to interface with virtually any Property Management System (PMS) in the market today, providing an easy check-in and check-out feature. It captures your SMDR data, prices the call as instructed by you, reformats the priced call information and exports it directly to your PMS system. It provides users with flexible pricing and a choice in how calls are marked up including addition of a surcharge by the minute or by the call, multiply call expenses or a combination of the two.

Tality Can Benefit Your Business A Number Of Ways

Tality Call Accounting is equipped with menus and toolbars that make getting to the necessary screens to retrieve desired information quickly and accurately. Expanded menus and call filter options, enable users to access report data with a variety of search criteria such as, date and time frames, call length, specific phone number, by guest, room number, department, authorization code, trunk and many more. Plus, reports can be viewed as billing invoices printed, e-mailed and/or saved as PDF, Excel, and Word files.

*NOTE: Businesses with various software types, hardware configurations, and operations performed with their system will impact specific recommendations for minimum requirements.

  • Permission based access
  • Alarms for emergency 911 dials and location on property
  • Notifications for credit limit and SMDR failure
  • Easy access to profit reports and full range of administrative reports
  • All reports and bills may be viewed, printed, e-mailed and/or saved as PDF, Excel, and Word files
  • Customized billing by guest, user or department
  • Surcharges for Toll Free include 800,855,866,877, and 888
  • Tracks and reports on all calls, including those that are internal, abandoned and transferred
  • And Much More …

Hospitality related organizations understand satisfied clients is critical for businesses to flourish and generate revenue. An outstanding customer experience leads to testimonials, referrals and repeat business which collectively translates into profit. Using Trisys solutions, business owners have a cost effective, easy to use product that helps improve customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and offers a sense of security with emergency 911 alerts and location services.

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Tality Comes As A Turnkey!

Features To Help Run Your Business More Smoothly!

  • Profit Report
  • Call Editor
  • Tality Billing History Reporter
  • Billing Invoices listed & available for reprint and/or e-mail
  • Expanded Call Filter
  • A guest/user can be assigned unlimited number of extensions
  • Customization of report headers, add custom text or company logos
  • Automatic report scheduler for bills and administrative reports
  • Address book to save email contacts
  • Multiple extension assignment to a room
  • Track new and recurring charges (by day, week, or month)
  • Network ready
  • Installation program for application upgrade and transfer of old Tality data

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