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Legacy: Tapit EX Call Accounting for Business

Tapit EX is the predecessor of the now, Trisys flagship Call Accounting system, Tapit NOVA. For nearly 10 years it’s been an aid to thousands of business across a span of vertical markets. The systems true cost to ownership quality and long lasting results is the reason numerous organizations still utilize it today. Although Tapit EX is transitioning into a legacy phase, Trisys no longer manufactures this Call Accounting system, but will continue to offer product support if under an extended warranty.


Upgrade Tapit EX to the incredible Tapit NOVA!

Take the time to explore the diverse properties of Tapit NOVA and why users who upgraded love these latest tools to improve their organization!

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Tapit EX Minimum Requirements:


Tapit EX is a 32 bit system that works with any telephone system that provides SMDR (Station Message Detail Reporting) information, helping you make valuable use of the data already available to you through you telephone system. At the termination of each incoming or outgoing call, Tapit EX stores the information from your phone system data stream on your computers hard disk. Tapit EX then lets you recall your data in your choice of reporting formats, providing you with information to help you better manage your business.

The SDMR Monitor32 utility collects phone record data from the phone system (PBX) via 1) a dedicated serial (COM) port, or 2) a file available on the network. It can be displayed to allow confirmation of data reception to view data such as time and date when present.

  • PentiumTMIII based PC
  • 512MB RAM (2GB RAM in case of MS Vista)
  • MicrosoftTMWindows 98/ NT/ 2000/ XP Professional/ 2003/ Vista Business
  • 250 MB free disk space
  • Network Card
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • One RS232 port connection to the PBX® SMDR port
  • Printer driver must be installed on your system
  • Power Management feature of your system must be disabled
  • Tapit EX Manual
  • Tapit Release History
  • NO SMDR Alarm– notifies users there is an interruption in a call data flow. The NO SMDR Alarm application also tracks up to 8 phone numbers and triggers the alarm when any of them is dialed Click here to open the NO SMDR Alarm help file.

*Note: To import data manually Download Tapit Import installation program to import data from a comma delimited (CSV) file to either Client or User tables in the TAPIT database. Tapit Import 1.1.0 allows for import of Departments.

To learn more about Tapit Import for NOVA, use the Tapit Import Utility Manual.

  • SQL Database Holds Up To 5 Million Call Records
  • Application Runs As A Service
  • Remote Manager supports up to 100 remote sites and creates a centralized call repository
  • Supports all telephone systems with CDR/SMDR output capabilities
  • Call editing capabilities
  • Automatic Report Scheduler
  • Export to time and billing packages
  • Multiple extensions per User
  • Multi-user support version available!
    • supports for up to 255 client shared database access
    • Support for Client Account or User Authorization codes*
  • Caller ID, Abandoned, Transferred, Ring or Hold time, and DNIS Reporting*
  • Capable of processing 7 digit numeric extensions / 8 digit alpha-numeric trunks
  • Trunk Analysis Reports includes
    • all Trunks Busy, Daily Trunk Status, Peak Hour Activity by Trunk, Trunk Group Summary by Hour/Date, Trunk Summary by Hour/Date, Trunk Detail Activity by Date/Hour.
  • Pricing features available
    • Option to price incoming calls, DNIS, IP Address and Trunk Records
  • E-mail reports in Text, Rich Text and Hypertext (HTML) file formats or use HTML files to publish on your website
  • Dialing Patterns accommodate DNIS numbers, Authorization Codes and Matter Codes.
  • TAPIT EX and Remote Manager can process text files multiple times a day. When working with Remote Manager user can create consolidated reports on 30 most active extensions, account codes or telephone numbers
  • TAPIT CDR Loader– provides TAPIT EX with the ability to integrate with PC-based systems such as Altigen, 3Com, Avaya IP Office and many more
  • Remote Client Collection Software for SMDR/CDR Data: for Remote Manager WAN Applications – replaces buffer box

*Note: When information is supplied by telephone system

*If you are looking for product downloads, please visit our Support & Downloads page by clicking here.