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Trisys Inc. for the Automotive Industry

Auto dealers of all sizes utilize Trisys call accounting and recording solutions for a wide variety of benefits, from optimizing sales and employee training to managing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to measure ROI.

In the auto sale industry, call recording and accounting products from Trisys provide an unparalleled number of benefits to both employers and employees. Tapit NOVA Call Accounting documents calls and condenses the data into manageable reports for easy analysis, and can also be used for sales and training purposes.

  • Tapit NOVA reduces the potential for telephone abuse and allows for easy cost allocation and billing.
  • Supervisors can use reports to determine peak activity hours enabling them to adjust tasks, scheduling and staffing for increased productivity of internal management.
Tapit NOVA on laptop and desktop

Multi-Site Capabilities: Unified Solutions

With Trisys, you can integrate your various offices telecommunications environment into a unified telemanagement system. Our supplementary tool, Remote Manager, enhances your systems capabilities and collects data from virtually any location!

Replay Call Recording, used in conjunction with Tapit NOVA call accounting, can monitor calls for quality assurance and dispute resolution in addition to tracking the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns to determine which marketing or advertising medium delivers the most effective ROI.

Tapit NOVA on desktop

Call Recording

  • Use to verify service center appointments for maintenance.
  • Improve customer experience in all departments.
  • Archived voice records can be easily retrieved and reviewed to settle disputes or combat false allegations if they occur.

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