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Tapit NOVA ezBox – Turnkey Call Accounting by Trisys Inc.

Our turnkey system is lightweight and compact, but don’t be fooled! Receive the same exceptional features and benefits of Tapit NOVA without the hassle of hardware!

Ready To Use, Right Out Of The e-z-Box!

Tapit NOVA ezBox Call Accounting Solution

The Tapit NOVA ezBox Is Virtually A Plug & Play System!

And We’re Not Kidding About The Ridiculously Easy Setup!

  • Quick & Hassle Free Installation!
  • Pre-configured to your business’ particular PBX!
  • Pre-loaded with our remarkable call accounting software Tapit NOVA!
  • Just connect to your network & provide Trisys technicians with the CDR stream!
  • And voila, your new system is up & running!
  • The Tapit NOVA ezBox is tiny enough to fit in one-hand!

Finally, A Cost Efficient Call Accounting Turnkey.

Not only is our turnkey an affordable solution, it also helps reduce overall expenses. With the Tapit NOVA ezBox you can:

  • Easily distribute costs according to various call centers or departments.
  • Better manage your company’s telephone expenses and budgets.
  • Detect fraudulent use of company phones.
  • Collectively protect your business from incurring unnecessary costs.
  • And Much More!

Rapid Report Development

With the Tapit NOVA ezBox, you can spend more time focusing on business initiatives and using our turnkey to positively impact your company. Since you saved time on a painless installation, now it’s to start generating. Customize your own, or choose from our 125+ reporting templates! This allows supervisors to identify metrics used measure productivity and isolate the best or worst performers, assist in staffing for peak times, and an overall increase of responsiveness to support any future business ambitions.

And Don’t Forget, You Never Lose A Single Feature With Our Turnkey!

  • Browser Based Interface
  • Automatic Archive Backup
  • Create An Unlimited Number Of Users With Permission Based Access
  • Add Searchable Text To Specific Calls
  • Tracks Ring Time, On-Hold Times, Abandoned Calls And Many More
  • Reports Available In PDF, Excel, and Word Fortmats and May Be Viewed, Printed, E-mailed or Saved
  • Store up 200 million call records*
  • Supports Client Account and Matter Codes
  • DNIS Campaign Tracking
  • Flexible Report Scheduler
  • Customized Reporting Options, Including ANI/Caller ID Deluxe Reporting
Tapit NOVA ezBox Brochure

Depending On your Business Needs, We Offer Two Versions Of Our Turnkey! Standard or Enhanced.

Tapit NOVA ezBox supports any PBX platform and is implemented using industry standard ASP.NET and SQL Server.Running as a Windows service, Tapit NOVA stores the call record information generated by your phone system in a SQL database, and lets you recall it in your choice of report formats, providing you with vital information to better manage your business.

Tapit NOVA ezBox Call Accounting turnkey comes in two variations, Standard and Enhanced.

Standard Enhanced
pre-loaded & pre-configured pre-loaded & pre-configured
Mounting wall shelf 2U rack mount
Dimension 6.54(W) x 6.22(H) x 0.98(D) inches 15 3/4(L) x 17 1/8(W) x 3 1/2(H) inches
Weight 2.68 lb 18.1 lb
OS Windows 10 IoT Windows 10 IoT
CPU (Intel) Celeron, N2930, 1.83 GHz Turbo to 2.16 GHz, Quad Core Core i5 Processor i5-4460 3.2 GHz
Memory 4 GB DDR3 PC3-12800 4 GB DDR3 PC3-12800
DVI Port 1 0
VGA Port 1 (via DVI to VGA converter) *not included 1
HMDI port 2 1
Audio Type Realtek HD Audio Codec ALC662 Realtek Chipset® ALC887
LAN 2 Realtek RTL8111G 1 Realtek PCI Gigabit Express
USB 2.0 2 6
Hard Disk 120 GB Solid State Drive 500 GB SATA III
RS 232 Port 2 1
Fanless Thermal Module ~
Adapter 65W 400W
Input Voltage 120~240 V 120~240 V
Motherboard ~ MSI H67MS-E23 (B3)
Chipset ~ Intel ® H67 (B3) Chipset
Slots ~
  • 1 PCI Express gen2 x 16 slot
  • 2 PCI Express gen2 x 1 slots
  • 1 32-bit v2.3 master PCI bus slot

Demo Tapit NOVA Now!

We’re confident in our software & guarantee you will be too! This is why we offer a risk free 30-day trial of our Tapit NOVA Call Accounting software. Download today & get the insight your business needs!

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