Trisys Inc. for Education

From elementary to graduate, public to private educational institutions, Replay Call Recording and Tapit NOVA Call Accounting from Trisys offers an array of benefits designed for the safety and security of students, parents, faculty and staff.

Emergency Alerts

Receive immediate notifications via e-mail and on-screen for 911 calls or pre-selected phone numbers made anywhere from the phone system.

Optimize Admissions

Increase the Admission Department’s revenue, productivity and efficiency with an easy-to-read customizable dashboard and various reporting options, enabling supervisors to determine employee productivity levels.

Cost Allocation

Departmental billing helps budget management and can reduce of overhead with the ability to track calls by number, extension, department and other criteria. Help control unnecessary or exorbitant costs.

Call Accounting

Tapit NOVA Call Accounting documents every call and immediately catalogs them for easy retrieval and analysis. Its premier search capabilities aid in detecting telephone abuse, identifying threatening or excessive call usage as well as allowing for departmental billing.
  • Automatically allocate printable bills/reports in Word, Excel or PDF formats via e-mail.
  • Create an unlimited number of users with permission based access.
  • Generate revenue from Advertising & Marketing campaigns.
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Multi-Site Capabilities: Unified Solutions

With Trisys, you can integrate your entire network of schools or districts telecommunications environment into a unified telemanagement system. Our supplementary tool, Remote Manager, enhances your systems capabilities and collects data from virtually any location!

These features are further enhanced with the addition of Replay Call Recording. Seamlessly integrated with Tapit NOVA Call Accounting, Replay can record all call activity over your phone lines (trunks) or just specific extensions. In doing so, the products can protect against any possible misconduct, help to mitigate and reduce liability and aid in dispute resolution.
Tapit NOVA on desktop

Call Recording

  • Cradle-to-the-Grave features help protect your best interests
  • Increased visibility into employees’ daily activity by reviewing recordings to ensure calls are being properly handled, accurate information is communicated and the honor code is upheld.
  • Identify/trace hoax calls and deliver those alerts to an unlimited number of predetermined recipients. Schools and universities use recordings for documentation of all telephone activity, suspicious calls as well as parent/teacher conferences.

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  • Validate Compliance Activity & Regulations
  • Dispute Resolution & Quality Assurance
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Safety & Security
Replay Call Recording
  • Increased Productivity
  • Identify Suspicious Activity & Numbers
  • Reduce Costs & Generate Revenue
  • Measure Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns
Tapit NOVA Call Accounting
  • Optional Feature To Boost System Capabilities
  • Create A Unified Telemanagement System
  • Up to 200 Remote Locations
  • Consolidated Data Reporting
Remote Manager