What is Enterprise Call Recording

Enterprise call recording (ECR) is the standard that must be met by companies who record incoming calls from clients.  This standard requires them to have certain criteria in place for each call.  The first is that the caller must be informed that the call is being monitored, usually accomplished by a recording at the beginning of the call.  There are also standards that require the company to use the calls for internal information and not to sell the calls to third parties for advertising purposes.

Getting Enterprise Call Recording for your Business

You company may handle hundreds of incoming calls, but you may not have the correct Enterprise call recording software for your business.  Depending on the type of business you operate, you may have to record either part of or all of the call.  For more information on what types of software are available, please visit Trisys Incorporated online at www.trisys.com or call them at 973-360-2300.

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