3 Advantages for a Cloud-Based Call Recording Solution

Any tech-savvy business leader knows just how widespread the impact of cloud computing has been on the enterprise, and the technology only continues to spread into new and interesting areas of the average organization. However, some strategists are still overlooking the call center as a viable arena for cloud use, potentially missing out on serious benefits. To clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding cloud computing in the call center, here is a look at three distinct advantages that forward-thinking operations can enjoy with the right solutions.

1. Simple IT management: For the modern call center, meeting technical specifications and updating software can raise issues that give even the most experienced IT teams headaches over time. That’s why minimizing the level of internal involvement with tech infrastructure is so valuable, and why the cloud has become such a trusted method of IT management in this regard. Call center leaders can simply hand off the bulk of technical responsibility to a third-party, allowing them to focus on using their call recording software and reaping the benefits.

As Bob’s Guide recently pointed out, opting for hosted solutions is simply a smarter business option, as “the scale of most cloud service companies is such that they can operate at a level of efficiency that is far greater than the internal IT teams.” With this in mind, call centers should look into the details hosted call recording solutions  such as those offered by Trisys, whose call recording software is reliable, scalable and secure.

2. Straightforward spending: Aside from the simplicity of technical management, cloud services offer a range of powerful financial benefits for firms that leverage the solutions properly. As an article from CFO Magazine recently explained, executive leaders are eager to reduce the scope and complexity of their IT budgets, and investing in cloud services is a great way to streamline expenditure and gain more visibility into the financial forecast.

“Cloud services can help streamline IT expenditure.”

As the source noted, many modern CFOs are focused on “remediation, culling of unwarranted or high-risk services, consolidation of redundant services, control policies, and enforcement processes.” By deploying cloud-based call recording solution, a firm will know exactly what must be spent every month, eliminating many of the uncertainties and frustrations that typically come with hosting software using on-premise servers.

3. Faster, smoother data access: Since cloud services are hosted in an off-premise location, managers and end users only need the proper authentication to access key calls and information from anywhere. Considering that many call center operations are spread out across multiple locations and branches, fast and seamless access to archives is critical, especially if an organization is facilitating a real-time quality assurance program.

The more reliably and accurately a call center can draw from its recorded archive and identify key examples and best practices, the quicker its agents will learn from mistakes and improve performance. With these three cloud benefits in mind, it’s clear that a cloud-based call recording solution is ideal for any call center operation.