Call Center Software

Call center management needs a solution that optimizes your capabilities while helping you monitor usage and performance to meet demanding company and regulatory requirements.

Trisys tools let you skillfully reduce or eliminate risk. We give you cutting-edge methods for leveraging the voice of your customers to help your organization deliver ever higher levels of customer service. This is a powerful tool for encouraging customer loyalty that leads to repeat purchases.

Real-Time Metrics

Real-time KPIs and live call activity provide managers with the right visibility into your workforce. Learn more about Trisys real-time call center management solutions.


A full call recording suite and call center management tool, expertly designed to work as an all-purpose application across your many locations and uses.


Trisys Call Center software works in hosted, on-premise, and mixed environments and is compatible with almost all of today’s telephone platforms.

Unified Solutions

Supplementary modules like our rich, multi-site tool offers a centralized database providing a detailed view of your varying remote branches regardless of type.

Trisys Call Center Software Provides The Insight You Need

Our call center management tools give you quantitative results that let you manage by the numbers. You can quickly and easily identify areas where your team needs training and improvement. Trisys systems also guard against lost productivity while helping you control telephone costs.

Learn more about our call center performance solutions.

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  • Data and Predictive Analytics provide insight on your business and operations past, present and future
  • Metrics that determine employee engagement, performance and productivity
  • Advanced dashboard with real-time statistics and options to easily customize
  • Compliance call recording offer cradle-to-the-grave protection with encryption, watermarking, and granular multi-layer security

Our real-time performance management software enables call center supervisors to more easily manage employee productivity, improve service levels, decrease queue times and adhere to compliance requirements. Just to name a few.

Tapit NOVA Call Accounting on laptop and desktop
  • Compliance call recording offer cradle-to-the-grave protection with encryption, watermarking, and granular multi-layer security
  • Validate compliance activity by ensuring employees carry out best practices and uphold company policies
  • Perfect solution for Quality Monitoring and Dispute Resolution
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Call Center Profitability

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The bottom line is you save costs while improving revenue. Trisys is ready to work with you to improve your phone related operations. Please contact us for your expert discussion and learn how you can turn your call center into profit center.

Check out the Trisys blog to see how our call center management tools are utilized to improve business and operations inside the the call center and across various departments  of your organization.