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Tapit NOVA Call Accounting Has Thousands Of Users And Counting

Thanks For Making Tapit NOVA by Trisys The Leading Call Accounting Solution

Tapit NOVA on laptop and desktop

Equipped With Navigation Elements That Make Getting To The Desired Screens Effortless

Tapit NOVA’s powerful dashboard along with its expanded menus and toolbars make it simple for users to search for desired information. With unlimited options to customize the Call Filter list, users can add special filters which can be saved for later use & accessed via the Call Filter List for immediate retrieval.

Plus, We Don’t Limit You To One Dashboard!

At Trisys, we prefer to give you options to customize your dashboard. From summary to detailed, and everything in between; we let you decide, with what matters most.

Tapit NOVA Dashboard set of 3

Tapit NOVA Comes In 3 Variations

According To Your Business Type

*NOTE: Call record storage  size determined by product. Standard Tapit NOVA is recommended for businesses with a need to store up to 5 million call records, while Tapit NOVA Plus and Tapit NOVA Enterprise have call records capacities of 15 million and up to 200 million respectively.

System Requirements for all variations of Tapit NOVA

  • Network Card
  • Internet Access
  • MS Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11
  • DVD Drive
  • Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768
  • RS232/Serial Port (if required for PBX interface)

Emergency Alerts

Revenue Generation

Measure Performance & Activity

Identify Success

Departmental Billing/Reporting

Workforce Optimization

Reduce Costs

Safety & Security


Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Browser Based Interface
  • Automatic Archive Backup
  • Create An Unlimited Number Of Users With Permission Based Access
  • Add Searchable Text To Specific Calls
  • Tracks Ring Time, On-Hold Times, Abandoned Calls And Many More
  • Reports Available In PDF, Excel, and Word Fortmats and May Be Viewed, Printed, E-mailed or Saved
  • Store up to 200 million call records*
  • Supports Client Account and Matter Codes
  • DNIS Campaign Tracking
  • Flexible Report Scheduler
  • Customized Reporting Options, Including ANI/Caller ID Deluxe Reporting
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What Else? Great Support.

Our Learning Center is loaded with useful information and functional videos that allow users to swiftly and easily navigate through their new Trisys product. But that’s not all, when you buy Trisys you will also get the most amazing customer support around! Our Support Technicians & Account Executives are always available to assist you with any questions.

Templates: We Make Them, You Use Them.

Templates simplify your life, they help you streamline business initiatives and Tapit NOVA Call Accounting offers a huge set. Choose from over 125 reporting templates, including summary and detail transcripts. Our system makes it’s easy to produce reports on-demand or with the automated Report Scheduler. The dashboard can be configured with reports tailored to current needs, each automatically refreshed within a desired interval.

Now That’s Intelligent Reporting.

Multi-Site Capabilities

Whether your business has more than one location or it’s an entire district in need of a unified system, Trisys has a solution! Tapit NOVA Call Accounting with Remote Manager supports multiple locations allows generation of reports per location or a consolidated view per organization.

Check Out Remote Manager!

Turnkey System With A Ridiculously Easy Setup. Virtually A Plug-and-Play!

Many systems claim to have a hassle free setup, but leave you stranded with the entire configuration & installation process. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. Our Tapit NOVA ezBox truly offers a quick, easy setup. We pre-load our call accounting software & pre-configure the turnkey to your specific telephone system.

Like we said, quick & ready to run right out of the e-z-Box.


Effortless Retrieval: Custom Search Filters Have No Limits.

With the most comprehensive and flexible search facility in the industry, Tapit NOVA gives you limitless potential to customize search filters. Easily create unique filters using the tools we provide. Tapit NOVA makes producing desired reports and accessing call records, seamless.

Add searchable text, tags, or call filters to specific calls for simple categorization and quicker recovery.

Filter by Abandoned Calls on Tapit NOVA
View Activity by Department on Tapit NOVA
View Phone Statistics on Tapit NOVA

Join The 50,000+ Satisfied Trisys Users! We’re confident in our software & guarantee you will be too! This is why we offer a risk free 30-day trial of our Tapit NOVA Call Accounting software & get the insight your business needs!.

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