What to Expect from a Cloud-Based Call Recording Deployment

Many companies have embraced cloud computing over the past several years, and these services can now be found in a wide range of industries. Not only that, cloud computing applications are more versatile than ever before, with use cases across the operational, financial and customer-facing aspects of the modern business.

Now, it’s time for leaders in the call center to enjoy the power of the cloud for themselves and leverage call recording software that is powered in dedicated off-premise locations. To help call center strategists fully meet their cloud needs and maximize the positive impact of their investments, here are four things to expect from a cloud-based call recording deployment.

1. More control over the service: To the surprise of many call center leaders, they will find that a cloud-based call recording deployment offers more control than prior recording software systems. According to Channel Insider, a report from Cisco and IDC stated that 70 percent of companies expect to retain control during the migration process, so greater command over the platforms should be a welcome surprise to bold adopters.

Call center leaders will be pleased to discover unique advantages of the cloud.Call center leaders will be pleased to discover unique advantages of cloud-based call recording.

Simply put, call center leaders that leverage cloud-based call recording have more direct and consistent input when it comes to the customization and functionality of their systems, as a third-party providers focus on fast, transparent service. While this will require close partnership and communication, call centers will be able to enjoy stronger workforce management, smoother scalability and reduced compliance risk as a result of this teamwork.

2. Extra resources for operations: For many cloud adopters, the core value of the technology lies in its ability to reduce responsibilities for IT management and expenditure, generating more time and money for operations to make smarter choices down the line. With these extra resources on hand, it’s easy to see why the cloud has gained such popularity among business leaders and is surely going to make a positive impression in any call center operation.

“It is truly about the ability to increase a company’s revenue, and freeing up more budget to invest in new strategic projects,” said Fabio Gori, director, data center and cloud solutions marketing at Cisco, according to the Channel Insider.

3. Increased application security: It may not seem like an intuitive advantage of the cloud, but these services are actually more secure than their on-premise counterparts. According to an article from CIO, this is because cloud providers have a vested interest in preserving the integrity of their data centers and protecting these assets against the hazards of the digital domain.

For a call center aiming to strengthen security and compliance, especially with regard to its recorded calls and private financial information therein, this is a dream come true.

“Quick and seamless updates are possible with the cloud.”

“Most cloud providers offer a shared security model,” explained contributor Diane Garey. “Typically the cloud provider is responsible for security of the cloud infrastructure itself. This typically includes physical data center security and basic computing resources.”

4. Readiness for key updates: Agility is a characteristic that benefits any aspect of business operations, but the call center in particular must be prepared for fast updates to its workforce structure or technology resources in order to stay ahead of customer expectations and deliver stellar service at all times. Luckily, the cloud offers the ability to quickly and seamlessly update when necessary, giving adopters the edge without adding any responsibilities to their plates.

In other words, software upgrades come standard for cloud users that partner with a dedicated service provider, ensuring that call recording technology remains on the cutting edge. This is yet another reason why organizations should expect big things from the cloud and leverage the services in their call centers whenever possible.

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